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well rommelgin, no. i havent figured out how to reconfigure the plumbing. i know what i CAN do. but i dont know what i WANT to do?
if i were to do the plummbing in the manner that i DONT want, which is running it up the back and over the tanks back wall, i will end up moving the tank to the back of the stand. that will allow me to see more of the granite, but honestly, i see stone all day everyday. ide rather have my plumbing work the way i want iit to.
its not really the amount of flow im worried about really. its more of the fact that i know the back pressure on the SCWD will have some adverse affect.
i think im going to make a moch up of the plumbing and attach it to the bottom of a rubbermaid tub.that way i can see exactly how its going to work before i go drilling the bottom of the tank. if it works well, then ill go with it. if not then ill just run the plumbing over the back wall of the tank...