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so i think i have figured ot a way to make up for my lack of flow, but its going to require another SCWD. i made a crude moch up of a closed loop using the mag7 and SCWD. it basically sits in the overflow box, and comes right over the back wall of the tank. this doesnt ease my worries of the return plumbing design, but it will contribute to some A+ flow in the tank! detritus will have nowhere to settle.
this first pic shows the CL unit in the overflow box. disregard the bulkyness of the system as i will not be using so many fittings to build the final product. for right now i had to use extra fittings because thats all i had laying around.

what an ugly machine right. it will look better with the right fittings, and black or grey pvc.

this works in my favor because i actually have 2 brand new mag7 pumps that im not using. i can use one for the CL, and one for the return. i just need 1 more SCWD. now that i have run the prototype CL, and am satisfied with it, im not so concerned with the return. since i was going to be relying soley on the return for all water movement in the tank, i was not content with using the plumbing scheme i had planned. now that i will be resorting to the CL, i will resume with the origional return plumbing plan.
the only thing that im not satisfied with at this point is the noise. i had planned on sound proofing the stand where all the equipment will be housed. this would eliminate almost all the pump noise. that pump, and the SCWD both make noise. its not alot, but it still bothers me!
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