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help with an id of something odd.... from a 5.5 gal thats almost 2 years old.

no pictures, But imagine a large 1.5 inch long by .75 inch wide slug/flatworm and oval in shape. About the size of a quarter if it got squished on the traintracks. dark gray with green and brown almost leopard print to it. Very flat. Moved not in a line, but almost sideways up into the rocks like an octopus (but looked nothing like one physically). I could not get a good look at it, but this tank is almost 2 years old and has had no rockwork or frags added for more than 1.5 years and never seen it before. It actually creeped me out because i thought one of my mushrooms was moving on the rock. I could not get a picture of it and looked at melves guide and could not find anything. I am assuming its reef safe because nothing has ever been eaten in the tank, but it also does not look like anything I have seen on the board.
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