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240W T5 (8x54W?) is plenty for even some of the SPS. I have that over a 120 and it's fine. No problems there.

I would try green star polyps, mushrooms (pretty much any...), toadstool or spaghetti leather (except perhaps the Fiji yellow toadstool), and zoathids or palys as my "first tier". Of these, the mushrooms would like the least light and current; the leathers like high light and moderate to high current; and the others would be comfortable anywhere in that range.

My "second tier" would include things like xenia (very hit/miss -- some can't grow them, some can't kill them), kenya tree (likewise), yellow toadstool (needs more light/flow than other leathers), and perhaps some of the hardier LPS such as galaxea, frogspawn, anchor/hammer, etc.

Before adding any corals, make sure you can maintain your water parameters nice and stable for a few weeks. It's worth the time to get things good and solid from the get-go. Also, you'll see lots of advice regarding supplementation (iodine, strontium, "favorite mix o' the day"...). My mantra, and it's served me well, is "don't add anything you don't test for". Get good solid test kits (FasTest, Salifert, etc) and use them. Then supplement with something like a good two-part calcium-alkalinity solution, and establish a good (15-20% every other week) water change regimen using RO/DI water and high-quality salt.

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