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I am done debating this......If you want to try it try it if not you are the only one hurting your tank. All I can say is I have been using it and am real happy with the results. If you want more technical answers call the maker. His name is Garry and his number is on his site (link removed)

I am only posting what I have noticed with my tanks. I have used several salts on the market and so far this is by far the best.

Order a small 5 gallon mix make it up by the directions on the bag and test the parameters.
Do the same with your current salt and see if they are the same. All I can say is compare and you will see the difference. The important thing to remember is not to add the calcium to the mixed water. Add it to the tank after you do your water change. If you are making a 5 gallon mix to test it after you age the salt for 48 hours then add the calcium mix. Your test results will speak for themselves.

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