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How do i SPS

My pocilapora.

This coral has spawned in my tank and has 40 colonies growing everywhere in the tank. They are killing and burning other corals all over the tank and i cant seem to kill them. They are a huge drain on Ca and on me. I break them off and then they just grow flat like a mont over the rock. They grow all over the glass where they have landed on coralline.

Is there anyway to kill these buggers. I bought reef glue to try to cover them up but i cant get to them under the water. I have large colonies so it is hard for me to get the LR out of the tank to scrap them. I feel like i am grabbing at straws. Please help me.

I have been cycling my tank for a month now with 75lbs of live rock when do I add the salt????

click the red house to see pics of my tank....the better pics are at the bottom :D