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Originally posted by Sk8r
Beautiful piece: I know how you feel: had the same thing with a huge montipora.

Do putty-off at the bottom any snipped-off heads that end up with their end completely open, exposed to worms and other critters looking-for-a-home. I don't honestly know that this is necessary, but I can't believe the corals like to have critters crawling over their internal tissue. I did that with a fox I fragged, and even the end [a gappy wall coral] that I was sure was a goner, which was open at the base] immediately improved and thrived.
Thanks Sk8tr, and thanks for the support. My stomache is in knots over doing this. I did not even consider covering the open ends of the skeleton. I did not even think that would be and issue but I can see how it could be since you mentioned it.
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