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gauging interest: Brand new 150G For sale

Sucks i have to downgrade...... but i think a 150g is just too big for my tiny condo so I am selling my tank. 1/2'' thick, eurobraced, overflow located in middle rear of tank. Comes with Maple stand, durso standpipe, 2 3/4'' sea swirls for returns. Brand new 40 gallon aga breeder i was gonna use for sump. No plumbing done yet so you can configure your own plumbing. Still debating if i wanna sell my Octopus NW200 skimmer and 2 K4 PH's or hold on to them for when i upgrade later down the road. (Again all brand new equipment.)

break down

. 150 gallon 1/2'' eurobraced acrylic tank 60x24x24
. Maple stand 36'' tall
. Durso standpipe
. brand new AGA 40b for sump
. (2) 3/4'' SS for returns

This is all brand new and never touched SW except for the SS's that i got from a fellow reefer here on RC.

$1000 obo takes it all. Might consider trade for a smaller set up. 75 gallon or so. Acrylic preffered.

Thanks guys!