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I have had one in the past and am going to be purchasing one again for my current tank soon. My only experience is with the one I had but it did not mess w/ any corals, snails, clams, shrimp, etc. It only ate feather dusters (large expesive store-bought and mini liverock hitchhikers) and it ate almost all prepared frozen foods. I never saw it touch flake or cyclopeeze.

When I had mine it was in a tank with the first Atlantic Blue Tang I had. The Atlantic Blues can be quite snotty and the longnose stuck up for itself just fine. They flare up their top fin and point their nose down which aims the "spikes" at the obnoxious bully.
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Params: Sg 1.026, Alk 11 dKH, Ca 440, Mg 1450, Ph 8.4, Temp 80*F