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Anybody try these pellets

I was looking at pellets online and there was this certain pellet that sparked my interest, soft krill pellets made by HBH, has anybody had any experience with these, my purposes would be to vary my maroon pairs diet with easily digestible high quality pellet foods as well as frozen foods to keep the weight on them and encourage breeding.

I also saw this koi food that boasted 42% protein (min). I guess the question that comes to mind is, should I be using the guaranteed analysis to judge the quality of food? I assume that a good food for my purposes would be high protein and high fat, right?

Please help me shop for quality dry foods.


PS-I already have ORA glo and spectrum pellets on the advice of some others
PSS-Would more frozen to dry food be better, as opposed to the opposite when feeding? I have always thought that frozen is far superior to dry foods, but donot have any reasoning behind it other than thats what I think.