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Are my clowns unpairing?

Hi everyone,

I have had a mated maroon clown pair for about a month and a half and it seems like they are becoming less interested in each other as time goes on. When I first got them, a week or 2 after I put them in the tank it looked like they were almost ready to mate again with the male cleaning the rock and the female staying very close to him.

Now they spend most of their time on opposite sides of the 29 they are in, one staying near one rock pile the other staying near the other rock pile (with no signs of breeding behavior). The female is about 6.5 inches and the male is about 3.5 inches and they are not aggressive towards one another. My question is it possible that they are unpairing?

Anyone, have any suggestions to stimulate breeding activity? Also, I donot have a flower pot or tile in their with them yet. Should I ditch the rock and start all over with just a single large flower pot or should I leave it like it is and insert a tile (and hope for the best)?

Thank you