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Help Feeding Sun Coral

I've got both a black and orange small frag of a sun coral and I need help feeding it. I've been using a small syringe with small bits of Rod's Food and tank water. After about a week now, they are slowly opening. I've been trying to feed them every other day in the evening when I get home. The problem I've having is keeping the other fish shrimp and snails away. I have 2 clowns, 2 cleaner shrimp and 8 sand sifting snails.

Each time I feed them, they all come running and sometime the snails are crawling on the sun corals. I also tried covering them with clean pop bottle and that works, but as soon as I remove the bottle, there is every again picking up the leftovers.

I'm wondering if this is ok or should I be doing something else. The coral is slowly starting to open especially once lights go out so I'm guessing it is slowly getting used to things, but I want to make sure it will be ok in the long run.