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You want the tank to be completely cycled (ammonia and nitrite levels have already spiked and dropped to zero again) you want nitrate levels low, preferably zero but at most keep em under 20ppm (some species will consider this too high and not do as well, even some zoo's, different zoo's, different natural enviroments) Wanna make sure the lighting is sufficient (what type of lighting you got going? how many/what wattage PC's?)
and sufficient flow. And naturally you'll want over all water quality stable and corret. Typical Ph values, Alkalinity, ect. ect.

Basically in a nutshell, the tank needs to be cycled. Zoo's are fairly hardy for the most part and tend to do well in sub-optimal conditions (some will anyways) and IME make a decent beginner coral.

What conditions are you seeing in your tank currently?
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