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Anyone used Seachem Prime


I've had an outbreak of oodinium in my 100gal reef system. I've removed my 6 remaining fish to a quarantine tank and treated them with copper. I plan to leave them out of the main reef for 2 months to allow the tomonts to die off

(1 yellow,1 regal and 1 sailfin tang all about 2-3inches, 1 copperband, 1 maroon clown, 1 small puffer)

My quarantine tank is only 30 gal and at short notice I've had to set up an old biolife 55 trickle filter using some media from my sump. Biological filtration seems ok as ammonia is nil but my nitrates are v high (100ppm) - I did a 50% water change yesterday but readings still high

I know my quarantine tank is too small but it's all I have - I reckon on another 5 wks.

I'm adding Seachem Prime to try and de-toxify my nitrates - will they still read high if they are 'harmless' - how often can I add the Prime?

All fish currently well and feeding (except copperband - he's off his food and not v happy)