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Time for some More rock then Coral

The quick History is someone had a saltwater tank I wanted to give it a go.. Little did I know he had no idea what he was doing... I started with a 55 have since upgraded and took all the water/livestock over to a 72 with a 30 sump... and has been running for a month now. All I had was one small Diatom outbreak that is now gone..

Here are the details

1 Blonde Naso Tang
1 Yellow Tang
1 Sleeper Goby
1 Flase Perc
1 Fire Shrimp
2 Peppermint Shrimp
Turbo Snails
Hermit Crabs

2 175W 10K MH Bulbs
1 96W Compact Atinic

1 Piece of Bubble Coral

Prizm PRO Skimmer
Ammonia 0 PPM
Nitrate 0 PPM
PH 8.4
Calcium 500

I know I will need a bigger tank for the Tangs but they came with the Original tank I had and my kids love them so... My Wife and I decided we are going to do a 200g in the living room so within a year they will be moved to there.

Thats about it

This is how the tank looks now except the Bubble Coral, I have been very careful not to add things fast and it has paid off, so far no spikes at all as I took all of the water/filterpads from the 55g tank I started with that was established for 3 years.

the sump has at least 30 LBS of rubble in it

I have not added rock yet because you guys have me terrified that I am going to get a cycle and kill everything LOL...

I just want some Ideas... WHat kind of rock should I get approx how much and what is the best place in your opinions to get it from?

Thanks in Advance