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Purple and Green Monti frags for sale or trade!


I am not 100% of the identity of these frags I know they are montis for sure but the purple one might be German Blue, I got the mother colonies from members on this board.

I had just done a water change so they don't look the best they could right now. Of course this is how they came to be as well.

These are the two Purple Montis for sale the first is a good 2", while the second is about 1" maybe less.

2" - $25

1" - $10

Second is the green monti (The polyps are dark green while the coral itself is a velvety olive.

All the colonies with the exception of the extra large colony are only $20 The 3 smaller colonies are about 2" while the extra large is only 2" it has many more branches and is more robust then the others.

2" - $15

2" - $15

2" extra large

Here is the mother colony of the green monti it is a little stressed after the water change (coral is exposed during waterchange, but it happens on the reef so no biggy).

Have never done this before so please advise on how to ship properly and that sorta thing. I did get some heat bags.

Im in Michigan.