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Dan, you are right. I should know better.

To answer your specific questions. The tank is 6 months old as is my experience level. I have several books and have done lots of reading so at least I went into this with a little knowledge!

The toadstool is not near the return. It is within 12 inches of both a powerhead (maxijet with HydorFlo attachment) and the heater.

My latest parameters (12/23) are as follows (I test weekly):

T: 80
SG: 1.025 (with plastic hydrometer... I got a refractometer and it reads 1.030)
pH: 8.2
Amm: 0
NO2: 0
NO3: 0
PO: 0
Ca: 440
dKh: 8

The tank is a 55g with a 15g fuge.
T5 lighting 4x54w,
2 MJ1200 powerheads with HydorFlo attachments
AquaC Urchin in sump skimmer
70lbs live rock
50lbs live sand

2 perc clowns
sixline wrasse
firefish goby
skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Sally Lightfoot
Collector Urchin
Emerald Crabs
Hermit Crabs
Various Snails

Candycane Coral
Zoos (3 colonies)
Branching Hammer Coral
Club Finger Coral
Open Brain Coral

2 pics of placement of each (the brain has moved since this pic)

I hope that covers it.