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Originally posted by ChadOwens

Small blue tang
Dragonface pipefish
small clown
scooter blennie
watchman gobbie
pistol shrimp
This is WAY overstocked for a 12g nanocube. You may be having issues now because you just added the shrimp and pipefish, or because the fish are growing and creating more waste, or because levels are building up over time as demonsp mentioned.

Originally posted by ChadOwens

I am open to suggestions as to a more appropriate stock list for this tank. The Blue tang, clown, and scooter (they are all very small) are really the only things things I must keep. Are the pipefish, watchman, and shrimps really adding that much more to the bioload?
Nope, it's not the three little fish causing the problem - it's the additions of phyto, and the heavier bodied, messier fish (tang and clown). If you're open to suggestions, listen to demonsp and remove the tang and the scooter dragonette. Even keeping a clown, a watchman goby and a pipefish in a 12g is really pushing it IMO. Tangs need big tanks, even when they're small. It's likely your tang is acting strange because it's a) stressed and/or b) sick as a result of stress. The scooter will starve over time; a 12g tank just won't support the necessary pod population to keep a dragonette healthy.

Unless you drastically reduce the bioload, the tank will likely crash and you could lose everything. demonsp has offered good advice; your water quality issues will disappear if you follow it.
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