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I agree with AC on this as well, way to overstocked and wouldn't suprise me if those fish were being overfed. too many fish taking too many bathroom breaks = more ammonia than the system can handle, hence nitrite spikes.

As for the various scooter comments, scooters seem more likely to feed on frozen/prepared foods than their mandarin cousins, still a dragonette, but i've heard too many comments on people keeping them succesfully at lengths in smaller systems due to their willingess to eat stuff other than pods. My last one would eat just about anything by the time i sold him. So if you can get him eating great, if not, get rid of him or risk another dead fish.

Leaving a dead anemone in the tank can cause oodles of issues as well.

Live phytoplankton, is this DTs or some type of home cultured stuff? Home cultured is usually easy to tell if it's gone bad. Just give it the ol' sniff test. If it smells bad, probably is, good live phyto will just smell like algae, not like nasty rotting algae.
DT's however can be a little more misleading due to the concentration, but still, if it's bad, you'll should be able to tell. I'd imagine this would cause issues like high phosphates/nitrates, not so much ammonia/nitrite.
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