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Originally posted by Pernelf
Awesome! Just watched the duck hunting one. How exactly do you go duck hunting? Do you flush the ducks for the falcons?
Yes actually.....much like gun hunting a dog is usually used to flush the ducks, or pheasant, quail, grouse, etc. It truly is an amazing site to see up close. This gorgeous bird on the fist and then she takes off and flys downwind....corners and turns into the wind...climbing up and up and up and up to sometimes as high as 2000 ft.......then; when the dog flushes the game....she literally rolls over on her back....and PLUNGES at 250 mph in a corkscrew spiral until she impacts her prey !!!!

In the past I have tried to take pictures of my Dad working his Peregrine Falcon male, Buddy, and even though I focus on a previously designated spot....the bird will come flying past my head at 90-100 mph and surprisingly enough; I don't get the picture taken !!! Go Figure !!!
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