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Originally posted by Nagel
Thats exactly what I said, though I guess "critical mass" is a bit cryptic..

When it has nowhere left to grow, and you are almost busting at the seams with it (and many fuges do look like this), that's when it goes sexual..

The regular pruning helps to keep it from getting to this point, hence you never had to deal with it going sexual..

I would keep some in my main tank, but the tangs, they love it. I basically recycle caulerpa from my 75g refugium as tang food..
What kind of tangs and what kind of caulerpa?
My hippo and yellow wouldnt eat my caulerpa but they were probably spoiled becuase before that I bought a tang heaven macro pack and was feeding them that. I woudnt mind getting rid of the tang heaven macro in my fuge and replasing it with cheato and let them feed of the caulerpa in the display (wich I think I;m going to add soon).