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Originally posted by Timothy01
no where did i say that added swimming room, i said they increase your water voulume, which inturn allws you to add more fish then you normally would to such a small tank
I kind of ignored this for awhile becuase I personaly do not like the whole tang police mumbo jumbo ... although I do feel that tangs need to be housed in a 100g and up tank when I had a 55 I purchased a yellow tang and a hippo tang a 18 months later I bought a 120. Tangs are one of the most popular fish ... people are going to keep buying them wether or not they have room. BUT I suggest you sell/give them away when they get to cramped or get a bigger tank, its not right to keep them in such a small tank. I dfont know if yours are fully grown but when they are I suggest you upgrade or replace them.

Sumps/Fuges just make your tank more stable and lessen the biolopad by spreading it over a bigger volume. Tangs still need so much space to move ... I see people with 120gallon tanks that are so cramed with sps that there tangs still dont have enouugh room.

I'm not saying its wrong to buy tangs for a 65 tank but there going to outgrow it fast ... and 4 tangs is a little bit overboard I was pretty nervous about a hippo and a yellow in a 55 and I made sure that I bought them at about 1 1/2"-2" each