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Originally posted by reefnewbie54321
What kind of tangs and what kind of caulerpa?
Hehe. I have many.. In almost as many tanks.. For starters:

Feather Caulerpa - Hippo, Desjardinii, Purple, Powder Blue, Hawaiian Sailfin, Vlamingi, Sohal and even the Chevron from time to time

Grape Caulerpa - Hippo, Desjardinii, Purple, Powder Blue, Hawaiian Sailfin, Vlamingi, Sohal, Chevron, even my French Angel and Emperor Angels love this stuff

Razor Caulerpa - Hippo, Desjardinii, Purple, Vlamingi, Sohal

Cup Caulerpa - Purple, Vlamingi, Sohal

This is what I have / and have watched them eat. The Vlamingi's are caulerpa-eating machines. The Hippo will eat lots of it, but never seems to fatten up, in comparison to the Sohal which is a fat pig. The Chevron only picks at it, I wouldn't say he loves it as much as the others do.

Originally posted by Timothy01
no where did i say that added swimming room, i said they increase your water voulume, which inturn allws you to add more fish then you normally would to such a small tank
My comment is more for the tangs rather then the # of fish. Trust me, I know the benefits of volume (my system is over 1000 gallons and includes 11 tanks). The purple tang is about all I would keep in Bradleyj's tank. I have a 14" hippo here, and in the past I had a 16" Blonde Naso (traded it in because it developed a taste for soft corals.) The Sailfin could easily get to 10" - 12" in diameter, so again, not the best choice for a 65.

Volume for a number of fish is one thing, say a large school of chromis or anthias, but system volume is no substitute for a large tank with swimming room for large tangs.

In other words, my Vlamingi's (I have 2) will one day outgrow even my 300. I have plans to donate them to some local public aquariums when they reach 16" (still plenty of room for them to swim in a 96Lx24Wx30T tank, but my conscience gets the better of me). And yes, I have already worked out the details with the aquariums (MOST will NOT accept fish like this, do NOT buy with the intention of giving them to a local public aquarium unless you have talked with the curator and worked out the specifics beforehand!)
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