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I have done it in the past with queen, cherub and potters, I also have mixed rock beauty with cherubs, potters and fishers. I don't think you will have too much trouble except for the similar size they may not get along. When I mix angels in the past they were very different colors (as yours are) and different sizes. Right now though I have many different sp of pygmys in each of my 2 tanks and the trio of rock beauty.

One interesting thing, it is very hard to tell from your photo, but your blue may in be a townsend. Townsend is a naturally occuring hybrid between queen and blue and IMO it is prettier then blue, but not as pretty as queen. The reason I think this is there is a hint of a crown in the photo, look at the black on the nape of the neck you can see what looks like a blue bar. Pure blues don't have this and queens have the beginning of the crown which is a full blue "U" shaped ring with a black center. It may just be the photo, but watch as it grows, blues lose the yellow tail (except for the edge), townsends have a 1/2 yellow tail and queens keep the yellow tail. It is not a queen, the white bars are wrong, but it may be a hybrid, and as I said, I believe a more beautiful fish. Whatever it is, care is the same, and I may be wrong (I frequently am), it may just be the way the color shows up on the photo, still all in all queens, blues, and townsends are my favorite lg angels.