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Send a message via Yahoo to CleveYank skim reading is way or my speed reading skills must be rusty.
I missed the cut the bucket in half part completely.
Me thought you said 5 gallon bucket IE have a 5 gallon bucket full of 14 inches of sand...which would be too much of a low oxygen area.
At half you are right in there.

I still wonder how much good that little bit of sand will do in a well stocked 90. I mean you are talking 7 inches of sand in 13 inches diameter.

If we keep it simple. My 90 has 22 gallons worth of sandbed. Your 90 with the cut in half 5 gallon bucket is going to be about 2.5 gallons of sandbed right? Your mobile 1/2 5 gallon bucket sandbed is 11.5 percent of what mine is. I have 250 pounds of liverock. 60 hermits and 80 plus snails. 1 fish. And 30 large SPS frags/corals and 60 small/med frags. I feed the tank every day. And since there is a sun coral I tend to feed rather heavy on alternating days. I have 6 clams in the tank. I have a barely adequate skimmer on it. My nitrates at last testing were undetectable with cheap testkit. My phosphates were undetectable. I have no algae problem. I have had that deep sandbed in my tank since 98' I have never had massive algae issues in this tank since going to the DSB. You can try the small amount in 1/2 a bucket. But I don't think that it is going to do enough or at least help your 90 in the amount that you think.

And Pmolan is right about multi approach and that if it doesn't work you can just toss the sand into the yard.

Sorry for the
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