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Kong, two reasons, both of them involve being cheap and lazy. This is all the spare sand I have sitting around, so this way I dont have to buy more. And secondly its just easier... I figure I already have the space in the frag tank... Why not use it instead of adding even more plumbing etc to the system. If you think it would make that much of a difference I can do the usual way.

Cleve, I think the difference is you are using your DSB as the main filtration and a skimmer which you mention as "barely adequate". I'm basically the other way around... the skimmer and filter socks are my main filtration, with this barely adequate DSB to pick up the leftovers.

Honestly, I probably wont even use it long term. If i can just get it to soak up all the nitrates, I'm probably not going to just leave it in there, I'm going to yank it (and all the nitrates) out.
One day I'll be so rich I'll have a closed loop and Tunzes to mix my new saltwater!