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My leathers are very particular about changes in water conditions -- temperature, salinity, additives, you name it. Is this leather near your return? Do you do manual top-offs or an automated mechanism? If you do manual top-offs into the sump, and your leather is near the return, it can get quite a salinity shock that can make it unhappy. Same thing goes for temperature -- where are the heaters?

If you're "new" to this hobby, make sure you're checking your water parameters carefully. A small change in pH -- a few tenths -- is meaningful and substantial. Remember, the difference between 8.0 and 8.3 is over a two-fold difference in absolute acidity (hydrogen ion concentration). Make sure your calcium, alkalinity, etc are stable, and your nitrogenous measures are zero.

In the future, when posting something like this, I recommend including your tank size, flow, filtration, water parameters, lighting, tankmates, additives, feeding schedule, location of the coral in the tank, etc. Without that it's largely guesswork.