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looks good besides the salinity which u need to get obviously at 1.025 also ur ca is a bit high but that would not explain y it is closed up. One word of advice as u said in your statement above the brain coral has moved. dont move ur coral or lr more than u need too try and get it right the first time unless stuff is dying. the more u move the more stuff will die. set up looks good so far. so now back to y its not opening.

i doubt ur salinity is going to do is because they are hardier than hell but do get it back to normal conditions

ca is not a prob that it is high because soft corals dont have the calcium exoskeletion as hard corals

the new skimmer could be doing it due to the break in process and the micro bubles that could be created by it.

maybe its just growing at a really rapid rate and going to shed again.

i doubt its going to die just still give it time. one time i had some gsp that didnt open up for a month and then one day they did and they are growing all over my glass lol. i think it will be fine. keep up the good work man