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Post 15g custom corian tank build

well im probably getting way ahead of myself here cuz i wanted to get some more stuff done before i started the thread. i dont want to leave everybody hangin forever while i make slow progress, but whatever...
the tank im using is approximately 15g, and i made it out of corian about 2 or 3 years ago. i have to dig up some pictures, and when i do ill give all the dimentions. right now its being used for some cardinal tetras and ghost shrimp. the tank was built to accomodate a 24" 2x65w coralife PC fixture. im not worried about having too little light because the tanks only 10" deep, so thoes lights will be fine.
im building a simple stand, and a simple sump. the sump will be a standard 10g tank with baffles, easy enough. ill be using a mag 7 for the return, and it will be split using a SCWD. the 2 return lines will enter the bottom of the tank in the back 2 corners, and then be split again using two 3/4" pvc 3 way 90* fittings. all that will be hidden behind rock work when im done. the only thing you will see inside the tank when im done is a thremometer, and maybe not even that? i might just throw it in the sump??? there will be no additional flow for the tank, only what is provided by the return. i have about 2' of head to reach the tank, and i will lose some more pressure due to the SCWD. im not sure how much ill lose, but im not really concerned about it at all. the tank is so small that the mag7 might actually be too much? i doubt it, but we'll see.
when im done the tank will be specifically for 2 clowns and a carpet. i will more than likely add a bunch of GSP to cover every thing else in the tank. (rocks, tank walls, ect...)
well i have alot more to write, but my wife is taking me to ricks caberet, so i gots ta go!!!
ill be back tonight