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alright, i got some pics now

here is the tank i will be using... corian blah blah blah I.D. is (lxwxh) 22.75"x9.5"x9.5" so thats 8.88 gallons... it is euro braced and the inside corners are all coved. it has a built on external over flow box that measures I.D. (lxwxh) 19"x5"x8", and thats 3.29 gallons , but, there will be a durso in that oerflow box so there wil probably only be like 2 gallons in there, depending... there is one thing i dont like about this tank and it is that the overflow wier is not notched like your traditional overflow weir is. it two 8.75x.5" slots routed horizontilly at the back of the tank. because its 2 open slots and not notched, i occasionally lose small fish into the overflow box. no big deal because i dont think a fish as big as a clown will go through, although they might? we'll have to see... here is the tank,