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the stand will be simply framed out of 2"x4"'s, wrapped in 3/4" ply, and trimmed out in some cheap 1"x4" material. i want 1 door in the front, and 1 door on the left side. here is a lame drawing of my framing plan.

the measurements are (lxwxh) 29"x22"x30". i got lumber for framing earlier today

i did run into a huge problem when i went to start cutting wood tho. my saw which is 6+ years old, has the same blade on it as when i bought the dang thing.
you will see from the pics that most of the teeth are broken off. i guess i shouldnt have cut that pvc with it huh?

im going to go get one of thoes DIABLO blades from FREUD at the home depot tommarow