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haha. yeah Zestay... kinda. i had my doubts at first. but if it were going to fall apart it would have done it already. at first i wasnt sure if it wouldbe able to handle the temp variations when the lights were turning on and off. if it were going to happen like that it would have happened the very first time the lights turned on. its gonnabe fine. if i actually thought it was going to fall apart at this point then no, i wouldnt use it...

here are some more pic tho.. these are with the light in place. this is the actuall light that will be used.

this is a couple of angles of the tank

and this is the tank with water displaying the use of a mag7 pump, which is the pump i will be using for the return. notice the surface aggitation and keep in mind that the return for the pump, as it is in the picture, is pointing straight down. thats an insane amount of flow for a tank this size. i will be losing pressure due to head, and the SCWD, but im sure its still going to be plenty of flow! and if it isnt i have a plan for an extremely easy CL with the use of another SCWD. but realistically, i dont think it will be neccessary..