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i have to wait till this saturday (1-5-08) to get the 3/4" ply to skin, and the trim boards. i think i need to get a few hinges and a couple of handles. the finish work going into this stand is going to be primative and haggard at best. im not exactly sure whats gonna happen, but there is no written plan for this step. i figure ill just wing it and see what happens. ive determined that i need 1 sheet of ply, and like 45' of trim board, 1 gallon of white enamel, 4 hinges, 2 handles, 2 latches, a quart of stain, and a case of beer... it will probably take me like 1 day, then i can start figuring out what i need to do for plumbing. at that point ill need to get rid of these fish. anyone want some cardinal tetras? you canhave them for free with all the live plants and sand thats in the tank. just p.m. me and let me know when you wanna pick it up!