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I can test fir continuity.
I think I have that part of the switch figured out now. Then next thing I need ti figure out is how to do the wiring in the wall. The wall is open , just insulated, so getting to the existing wirieng is no problem. I need to install the switch about 4' above the outlet box that the pump is plugged into ( the wiring to the outlet runs straight down the wall to the outlet, so 4' above the outlet , the wire is right there).
The house wiring is the ussual back white and ground wire in a single cable. So I guess I need to run this switch on the black wire , but all the wires are encased. So do I just remove the black wire from the outlet box then tie a new piece of wire to it and run it to the line2 , then add a wire from load 2 back to the outlet?
Can these individual wires be left in the wall or do they need to have some kinda conduit?
Or is it possible to cut part way into the cable that holds all three wires and just expose the black wire at the 4' above outlet area, right where I will be putting the switch box. Then just tie some short pieces of wire to the exposed black wires to give more working room in the box. This seems the better way, but was not sure about cuting into the cable to just expose the black wire.