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Old 01/01/2008, 09:15 PM
Helfrich’s Chic Helfrich’s Chic is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2006
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Mimosa, Cant get a pic of the SPS, I had a little crash when I was forced to move the tank twice on a week. Lost all sps except the caps, digis, and once nice green/blue polyp sps. Lost all my rics too! HOWEVER I bought myself 30 more last weekend LOL! Cant go having my tank with no rics, that is NOT happening LMAO. Im so bad. I will get pics up ASAP! The surface skimmer is some litle cheapie $20 that attaches to a powerhead. The RIO is gone now too, and added a Koralia, its not the nano one but the next one up, cant remember lol. The surface skimmer is on the right, here is a pic...

Dano the sixliner is GONE. As usual I didnt listen to myself, and figured hey this sixliner will be diffrent and not aggressive LOL WRONG AGAIN. Had to get rid of him, funny story I caught him by hand actually lol. He was trained to eat from my hand and never was a timid fish so just got him in the corner and grabbed him. He was picking on Chops my female Picasso too much and im not having that! I love her. She also eats out of my hands.

Dano, the reason for the top is because months ago my male picasso jumped. Devistated. I have ordered in like 6 more but none have been to my liking so I still am waiting for just the right one. Not gonna drop $200 for a non-picasso looking picasso ya know. IF ANYONE has seen a nice picasso PLEASE PM ME.. lol thanks.

I will get to making the top asap, but things have been NUTS with the move and getting all settled in.

Reefman: WELL lemme tell you. I was thinking.... EH light acclimation-smacluation. I used 4 layers of egg crate instead of screen. DUMB MOVE LOL. I burnt everything REALLY BAD. I had in a 150 Ushio, and honestly I think its just too much. I have in now a 150 JBJ bulb, color is too purple for me, but the colors on the corals are FANTASTIC. My purple death palys are sprouting new heads it seems like every day! Same with my Nuclear greens but a bit slower than the PDs. The only thing thats not colored back up after the "Burn of 07" is my AOG zoanthids. Bummer they were AMAZING, and honestly I dont think they will get color back.... if they do its gonna be a LONG while. I am thinking about getting a Phoneix bulb, but I just blew $400 on my rics so thats gonna have to wait for a bit LMAO. Man I love my rics!

Ronreef: Im flattered that you like my tank so much. As far as top offs, I do things that most people would cringe at LOL. If I go outa town for a day or 3 I dont worry about it, I just top it off before I go feed the fish and off I go. The heat hasnt been an issue in the new house at all but again its winter. I keep the house now at 72 and the heater in the tank just kicks on, its set to 79. I will probally have the house at 78 in the summer, and I am sure it will get up to about 82ish. Right now its a constant 79.

Chem: NO I havent seen them. Can you get me a link? Interested in it but I never liked glass because of the condedsation/salt creep. PLUS I LOVE the look down on this tank, the colors from that view are freaking amazing. When I look down at my little growing colony of Purple deaths its just AWESOME, little tear rolls down my face. It would be a good idea to have just for every day use however, to help with top offs.

I had to move out of an now Ex boyfriends house and he still has my camera cable but I WILL get new pics us ASAP so you all can see the progress, and the new RICS! Thanks all for the comments and questions!

Happy new year and happy REEFIN!

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Old 01/08/2008, 01:05 AM
Helfrich’s Chic Helfrich’s Chic is offline
Registered Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
Posts: 641
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Thought I would add the new Rics.
They are still not fully open, but are setteling in nicely!

Old 01/08/2008, 02:01 AM
won digity won digity is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Long beach, CA aka ghetto beach
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wow amazing tank. Nice collection of corals and I dig the aquascape.
Old 01/08/2008, 02:53 AM
nanotrigger nanotrigger is offline
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Join Date: May 2004
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Your tank is beautiful. I love the aquascaping.

Last edited by nanotrigger; 01/08/2008 at 02:58 AM.
Old 01/08/2008, 10:45 PM
SaltwaterChris SaltwaterChris is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: St.Clair Mo
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Sorry to here that you lost so much from just a move that's a bummer but from the new pics your tank still looks totaly AWESOME

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