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Leaving the Hobby

I decided to go ahead and part out my tank. Everything works, I just don't have the time to maintain the tank to the standards it needs anymore. I'm in Cypress, and this would be for pick up only.

Neptune Apex System - $275
Neptune Automatic feeder - $50
2X Radion Gen 3 XR30w Pro - $300 each
Reef Octopus 150 Space Saver Skimmer - $100
2X Radion tank mount - $50 each
Neptune DOS - $150
Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 (needs new pump) - $75
Ruby 36S Sump 36" X 15" - 150
2X Ecotech MP40 quite drive - 200 Each
about 80lbs of live rock $1 lb
two large colonies of GSP - $15 each comes attached to LR
Two colonies of zoa's, not sure what kind $50 for larger one, $35 for smaller one each come attached to LR
Eheim return pump - $20
Yellow Tang - $5 or free with purchase of equipment
2 ocellaris clown fish - $5 each or free with purchase of equipment
2 blue/green chromis - $5 each or free with purchase of equipment

Pictures of Zoa's and GSP

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