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Wow thats a lot of fish for a tank running such a short length of time. I have had mine running for 10 months now, I have one clownfish, one pyjama fish (don't know the correct name) and a flame angelfish and I am thinking of one, maybe two small fish more and that will be it. (Suggestions welcome on those points by the way) And that won't be for another month or so anyway. I think if you carry on at this rate you will end up in trouble at some point - just my opinion you understand.

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Current Tank Info: 55g, 50 lbs live rock, 40lbs live sand, xenias, mushrooms, medusa, sponge, boxing, cleaner and peppermint shrimps, flame angelfish, pyjama fish, spotted peacock wrasse and two clownfish, crabs and snails!
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