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In reference to the thread in the first post (link), I have some questions about some of the Observations, Claims, and Common Myths as I'm new to this and haven't even purchased any livestock yet (or even have an aquarium up and running).

8. Aquariums always have Cryptocaryon irritans. This is untrue. Cryptocaryon irritans can be kept out of an aquarium. Just quarantine all fish, rock, sand, sponges, and filter medium and donít let non-quarantined livestock get into the aquarium.

Q: I've read that the inverts don't need QT but do they need a dip of some sort? What about buying some chaeto for my refugium?

13. If the Cryptocaryon irritans can't always be detected, then why bother with a quarantine procedure? In the confines of a small quarantine and being there for no less than 6 weeks, the Cryptocaryon irritans parasite will make itself known because the fish is weakened and the fish can't get away from being re-infected by multiplying Cryptocaryon irritans parasites. In other words, the quarantine procedure instigates a 'bloom' of the parasite which will make it visible to the aquarist. When this happens, treatment is appropriate with one of the three proven treatments.

Q: In reading this long thread, it appears as though some people observed that putting their fish in QT that ich never appeared until they put the new fish in their DT. Perhaps they didn't leave the fish in QT long enough but for argument's sake, is it possible that putting a fish in QT for 6 weeks or even a little longer, that you can fail to invoke a noticeable infestation of ich even if they are "carriers"? If so, what is the probability of this happening?

Last question: Where I live (north Alabama), there aren't very many good LFS unless I travel a couple of hours to the nearest large city. With that said, is there a highly reputable source for purchasing fish online with minimal possibility of coming with ich (perhaps Live Aquaria)?

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