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What is your single, most favorite sps coral?

Ok, I'm sure there have been other threads about this, but I don't care! You must name only one sps coral that is your favorite. DO NOT name more than one. My favorite of all time has to be the Oregon tort. I have been keeping sps off and on for the past 12-13 years and no other acro is more amazing than the Oregon tort. The rich, navy blue coloration is simply unmatched, imo. Is it a true tort? Probably not, but that is what we reefers assoicated it as. Here is a pic of my current frag:

This space for rent...

Current Tank Info: 36x36x16 A.G.E. tank. Lighting: ATI Straton. Circulation: 2x Vortech MP40wQd's. Skimmer: Red Sea 300. Controller: Neptune Apex. Doser: Neptune Dos.

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