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If you use a butterfly to treat your majano, you can train the fish to eat only majano. I have a 300g SPS tank that was heavily infested last year and almost gave up on it. I'm talking about majano covering my side glass like gsp. Cooking the rocks was out of the question since my SPS colonies were so large that they are sealed into the rockwork. I finally relented and got a racoon butterfly. I trained the racoon to eat majano by keeping him in my refugium and feeding him exclusively live rocks with majanos on it from my main tank. He learn to pick the rocks clean. After about 2-3 weeks, I released him into my main tank and boy did he went to town. Cleaned out all visible majano in 2 weeks. There are some left in tiny cracks and nooks and the only way to remove them would be to dry the rocks. He was also picking at my LPS. I lost a prized electric orange scolemia that I've had for years. The problem was getting the fish out after he cleaned up the tank. I finally broke down the rockwork and removed the fish. The raccoon did not bother any of my sps that I could see. My advice for anyone trying this method would be to remove your prized LPS before embarking on this venture. Try keeping it at a friend's tank or a separted tank. I still have an occasional majano needing kalk injection but the problem is definitely under control now.

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