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I'm so glad that some of you are successful in killing these pests.

Everytime I kill one, I get about four little ones more. I've tried pretty much everything you guys mention too including pulling them out with a tweezer. I haven't tried blow torching it yet. hehehe. The hot water injection is by far the least affective one. I have a hard time removing the dead flesh, and always ended up getting more than before. I had a copperband, and I guess I must have gotten one that is on a diet. It died a few months afterward of starvation.

The last thing that I recall using was the Blue Life Aiptasia Control. I was surprised that it worked better than Joe's Juice, but I did get some re-growth.

I kinda gave up after my last Blue Life Aiptasia Controll session. I don't know what happen, but I have fewer aiptasia now than I did before. I guess my little pepermint shrimps (x2) are finally eating the little guys. They don't like touching the big guys for some reason. I've discovered that 3 have migrated to my refugium, but I don't mind.

Good luck you guys!

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