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Originally posted by Cluckr7
That is a gorgeous tank.

Are you using a nano-skimmer or anything? Is that a stock biocube except for the extra PC? Do you dose calcium or anything or just replace it with regular water changes? What do you do about evaporation?

That's an awesome tank. Makes me want to go buy one :P
Thanks for the compliment!

No nano-skimmer or anything like that. It is pretty much a stock biocube with the exception to the extra light. I do add 2 drops of calcium every other day. I do a 1 gallon water change once a week. As far as evap goes about every other day or so I have to add a few cups of water into the tank.

Other wise I am a big believer of don't touch it you'll break it! I let things go and try very hard to not mess with the tank or even put my hands in the tank, very hard to do!!

I have pretty much spent a grand on this little tank already in the past 4-5 months. It would of been more, but thank goodness for a local fish store that has 4 tanks set up with nano frags for $15! And they have no clue really what frags they actually have, works out great for me!

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