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Originally posted by xxaquanutxx
What kind of corals do you have in there? looks amazing!

Honestly I am not one to remember the "scientific" names of things. But I have several different types of mushrooms, ric's, yuma's and some other kinds

I also have lots of different types of zoa's, to many names for zoa's I really have no idea what is what for names... orange ones, yellow ones, blue ones, pink ones

I have a toad stool leather and some other kind of frog spawn I think, which I have a feeling is a little to big for the tank because he never really comes all the way out. I also added that big green brain coral, love that thing!

Some pom pom xenia I think and the kenya tree coral on the side has grown like three times the size it was when I got it.

I have the one hard coral in there at the top, the orange piece. I don't remember what that is called, sorry. I was a little iffy about that piece but it has actually grown and looks great!

Really am liking the little biocube, it looks great in my office. It serves its purpose to relieve my stress. I work from home and juggle several clients at a time, so it's very nice to look over and get lost looking at the tank for a few minutes, helps clear my mind!

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