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You know all the "eye pickers" are just general guidances, I can tell you of many people who keep Triggers, Puffers, and Large Angels with sharks with success, there are even people on this forum with them. But me personally wouldn't risk it, especially when dealing with a $400 animal. I would go for the lion, tusk, and naso and call it done. You don't want to over do your bioload.
Ummm. Not really. People that have kept Large Angels, Puffers & Triggers with "success" - have either been incredible Lucky or have kept them with more active & aggressive sharks - such as Nurses, Smoothhounds or Requiems sharks.

For the most part all these fish are "bad" for shark tank because they tend to pick on the shark - possible to point of death. Also butterflies, & Lion fish are equally bad choices.

The best choices of tank mates for small benthic sharks like the Eppie - is generally small moray Eels (like the Snowflake), groupers, and small round rays (such as the Cortez ray).

BTW - the Eppie will likely out grow the 180 in about a year to 18 months. You'll need a tank that is over 500 gallons to keep it for life.

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