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Originally posted by lewismw
I was wondering about the SLR vs "point and shoot". I have a point and shoot Casio Exilim. It takes great photos of everyday events and such, but when i try to get great fine detail and rich color from a closeup, FORGET IT.

My sister has a digital SLR. I will compare both, but from what capt_cully says i hope i am in for a good show.
While I don't know anything about your specific camera, I think you will find this is true for the majority of point and shoots. They are made for everyday events and do a good job, however most are not made for the closeup fine detail you are looking for. This is one of the advantages of SLR's, you can change the lens to fit the type of picture you are trying to take.

Logzor-There are several good macro lenses that are less than $500. The two I am looking at purchasing (Sigma 105mm and Tamron 90mm) are both under $500.

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