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Originally posted by NanoGurl
Thanks, that photo helps. That looks pretty easy to do. Where can you get the T? Home Depot?
Yes, they are sold as SpeedFit fittings. Another name is John Guest fittings.

The nice thing about them is that you just cut the tubing and press it into the ends, tug slightly and you're done. The blue retaining clips pictured above make sure the tubing stays in place. Home Depot also sells 1/4" icemaker tubing in the same section.

Remove the retaining clip if you have it, then make sure the tubing is cut nice and cleanly (a kitchen knife will do it, or a utility knife), then press it into the collet firmly until it can't go in any further. Tug slightly to seat it. Done.

If you have to remove the tubing, press the collet with your fingernail so that it is tight against the fitting, and the tubing can be pulled out again. The collet is the thing that grips and releases.

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