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<--------------Wow! Talk about originality! Rumor spreads about someone stealing and twisting my av. I have to come investigate.

I think you need to learn something about copyrights.... You see, my av is copyright protected. This also includes parodying my copyright protected av. This is obviously a blatant infraction of my rights. The OP knows I make signs, among other things for my job. The OP also stole my idea to put on that sign. Sure, the OP "changed" it to a fish, thinking it would be enough to throw me off. This is blatent copyright infringement and plagiarism.

I'm going to consult my old business partner, who just happens to be.... You guessed it, a copyright attorney. The OP shall be hearing from him shortly.

You are infringing on my copyright rights. Remove all of my copyright protected material from your post.

Current Tank Info: Copyright protected
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