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Originally posted by chris wright
G'day Ng,

Are you able to get caesar stone instead of granite? I can only tell you based on prices in Australia, that's it's a little dearer in price, but is a hell of a lot better a product than granite.

It's a nice finish, looks similar in a sense (I like it better), and healthy than granite. It does not absorb any of the bacteria's that granite can. I've spoken to cabinet makers here, and they recommend it, and prefer to install it for the above reasons, not just because it's a little extra in cost.

As for your Ro/Di units, I can't believe you have to cut in your own tee's. Geez we get it good here in Australia Mine comes already to go. When photobucket comes back online, I'll post a pic for you.


Thanks for the info. I really like Granite so that's what we went with. I don't like the look of some of the other engineered products. That might change if the granite care is more then I hoped for in a few years =)

Yea, when we bought the RO/DI unit we didn't know much. We got it off ebay. Oh well!

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