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I received an email showing me this thread so I thought I should respond.

I respond to every email usually within a couple of hours. If you didn't get a response from me, then I didn't receive the email. Please send it again.

Give us a call 408-578-3022 or send an email. There must be something wrong with the controller as you shouldn't need to keep setting user name/password, or having it lock up.

In our forum you posted the equipment you were controlling w/ the DC8, and the total current was estimated to be greater than 20 Amps. If it was all on, it would easily blow the 15 Amp fuse. In our forum you stated it wasn't the fuse, however, I received a call from a friend of yours that you asked to repair the controller, and he found that the fuse was blown in each of the DC8s. I recommend that you get a socket expansion box and move some of the equipment off the DC8, or it will blow the fuse again.

Anyway, I am here to help anyone that has trouble with their AquaController. Give me call or send an email and I'll help resolve the issue.


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