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Originally posted by msu spartan
do you honestly think all of these experienced reefers are just mad at you or attacking you,

the reason they are atttacking you is because you have a 15 gallon tank with 2 fish that should be in a 100 gallon tank

just because they are living doesnt mean they are healthy or happy,

they are the ones who care if the fish live, and unless you take the fish back, you are the one who does not care and arent able to accept your mistake

Just bring the fish back to the store, and keep a couple damsels, they are hardy, small fish
The clown and other fish was caught from sea. I don't think every wild fish can live more than 4 months in your country just like my fish have done.

If any one have similar question(just like small tank ,large fish, happy or unhappy,etc), please go to Nano-reef and read my thread there. I have answered there.

By the way ,I don't think some of you are experienced reefers from your words. Most of you raise marine fish only 1-2 years and only raise some small easy fish. you never try to do something outside your theory. In low density just like you do, some puple raise demsals only by an air pump or only by a small water pump , no other fliter. the fish also live well.

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